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The lessons are always based on the goals of the individual student.

We have students that want to learn bass as a hobby and just play at home or with their friends.And students who play semi-professionaly or want to enter a conservatorium. We give the same attention to everybody and adapt the lessons to their needs.



Beginners are starting with:

  • Basic technique
  • Basic rhythmical knowledge
  • How to play over a tune



Intermediate and advanced students

More advanced students focus on:

  • Practicing tunes
  • Technique
  • Rhythm
  • Accompanying
  • Soloing and improvising
  • Practical theory
  • How to play different styles of music



Music Theory and Ear Training lessons


We also offer music theory and ear training combined in a one hour lesson. Even though this is a part of our intensive course you can take this lesson as an extra. If you play another instrument than bass and you wish to just take the Music Theory and Ear Training lessons it is also possible.

Music Theory

Although it might sound scary to some it is not. It is a theoritical knowledge that goes immidietly into practice while you play or compose music. It is an extremely useful tool for every musician, professional or amateur.

Ear Training

Hearing good in the music world doesn't mean just have healthy ears. It means hearing notes, chords, musical phrases and be able to recognize them, sing them... Having trained ears can really make a good musician. And that's why we focus on it. With our ear training classes you will build very good "relative pitch".

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