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The fees per lesson (50min.) are:


   At our teaching studio  At your house 
 For students until 21                      €30             €35
 For students older than 21                         €35*             €40*


The minimum amount of lessons is 2 per month.



Intensive Course


We also offer our intensive course of 2 lessons per week (2 x 50 minutes) designed for ambitious students

who want to go deeper into music or students who want to enter a Conservatorium.


It includes:

  • 1 lesson per week covering everything over bass playing
  • 1 lesson per week covering music theory and ear training


This program is only offered for lessons in our teaching studio because of the need of equipment.


Fees of intensive course:


 For students until 21    €210   per month
 For students older than 21         €255*  per month


* The prices for students older than 21 are higher because of added VAT 

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